Winter Theme Contest 2011 Results

Dear Residents,

After a very busy real-life week, i’ve finally been able to compile your contest-entries together for this blog post. I’d like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who has participated in this contest, it was really hard to chose the winners. You’ve done an awesome job with your decorations, and not even everyone has participated. I hope you’ve enjoyed our end-of-the-year wintertheme and will participate again this year!

The Participants

(In order of reception)

IroxDesign Resident

The office of iRox Design, a real life film trailer editing company set up by Roxi. Includes a Cinema showcasing work and the iRox! store.


Ibrahim Bates

A house between the railroad and the river.


Eliza Sandalwood

Whether summer or winter I love giving my place a touch of fantasy. I like to think of it as my personal wonderland I can go to to escape the stresses of RL. Visitors are welcome to enjoy the enchanting atmosphere of my little parcel in Lionheart.


Laken Moyet

Nice little cottage in Mohatu (The Woodlands) decorated for Christmas. Home of Laken Moyet.


Arbitor Waverider

High up on the Nuka hilltop sits a quiet little house, snow covers the rooftops as one can look out from the porch at the frozen scene of a quiet frozen fishing lake, and a garage with its roof piled high with snow.


HelloMatthewTM Resident

I call my home Silvhorta Nueva.  It means “New Forest Garden.”  Being from Iowa, I think that I’ve given my home a cozy, Midwestern Christmas feel. Special thanks to the vendors whom I love so much to give me such a great place to call my own!

Teleport unavailable. Parcel abandoned.

Blaise Glendevon

These are largely unedited – cropped & framed, but no photoshopping of awkward tree branches. So, when a visitor skates past my home, this is what he might see!


Wiccian Karu and Sandi Losangeles

A Friendly place to come chill and relax, listen to great music from our international DJ,s from 1pm slt daily or just come to unwind and relax in this homely and cosy little pub where a warm welcome awaits.


Lillian Lynwood

LL Designs is a cozy little texture and decor store.


Ancient1 Aeon

Keiliani Kirax and I (Ancient1 Aeon) have the Ancient Homelands property and Free Store on Lionheart Rafiki (244,25,28). I have been offering my own creations free for four years now and have given away a little under a half-million things.


Contest Winners

As mentioned, it was a really hard decision to chose three winners out of these candidates. I ended up having more potential winners than prizes to give away. To add some criteria for potential winners, i decided that winter themed content had to be used in order to decorate the parcel for the picture. After applying these criteria, i randomly drew three winners using the classical pen and paperball method. The winners of the main prize are:

  • Wiccian Karu and Sandi Losangeles
  • Ancient1 Aeon
  • Eliza Sandalwood

Your prize, 5 days of free tier, has already been credited towards the winning parcels. Congratulations!

Consolation Prizes

In order to appropriately honor the efforts of everyone who has participated, and to make up for those who weren’t drawn by the random selection, i decided to add some extra prizes for the others. Everyone who did not win the main prize has received a day of free tier credited towards the participating property. Congratulations everyone and thank you for participating!

Other Winter Pictures

Special thanks to Tary Allen, who has made some awesome winter pictures of our sims, without participating in the contest. You can enjoy them by clicking here.

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