Lionheart Continent exceeds 1.000.000m²

Today, Lionheart has passed a new milestone in it’s history:

The millionth squaremeter of land area has been added with the purchase of our newest sim, Lionheart Rafiki.

As by today, Lionheart consists of 16 Sims with 1,048,576 square meters. Out of these, 539,328 m² are designed public area (Protected Land), and 509,248 m² are […]

New Bus Service for Lionheart

Dear Residents,

to connect our southern sims with the northern City and the Railroad Lines, we have inaugurated today a new Bus Service 🙂

The Buses are connecting 7 of our Sims in a 5 Minute Interval. Route: Pumbaa LHRR Station > Sarafina > Nala > Mufasa > Lionheart (Plaza) > Simba > Nala > […]

Lionheart Railroad Central Station Opened

We proudly announce the opening of a milestone of our new projected Railroad Lines, the Central Station at Pumbaa.

The LHRR will connect in future the comer continent’s sims with each other and give you a great feeling of classic travelling in SL =)

Please visit the central station by clicking here. A Testride of […]

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