Pets Update (Bunny’s in this case)

Dear Residents,

after doing some performance monitorings with the new “ozimals” (Bunnys), which apparently have a function to be turned off completely, we would think it’s ok to use these bunnies (in a responsibly low number in accordance with our covenant) and turn them off completely (instead of picking them up) when you’re leaving your […]

Rolling Restart for Server 1.32

Please mind the rolling restart going through the grid today and tomorrow when planning your activities, as announced by Linden Lab on their status blog:

Please watch their blog for updates and to know, when the rolling restart for that day has finished.

Data Center move has started

Dear Data Center Tenants,

the big moment has come: The move can start! 🙂

Old Location: Teleport New Location: Teleport

I have replaced all the old racks at Lorrey with a dummy rack and moved the originals to Lionheart Simba. You will find your servers in the dummy racks at Lorrey, where you can move […]

Data Center Moves

Dear DataCenter Tenants,

since around two months we face a serious lag issue at Lorrey sim, where the data center is located. One of the neighbours has setup a lot of laggy stuff on his parcel and additionally installed an army of bots with extremely high ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost) avatars which causes that it […]

Update: Ruwart Issue

As promised in my previous entry (read it here), i’ll keep you updated about news on the actual ongoing issue with the Simowners at Ruwart Sim.

Yesterday, without previous advice or asking the landowners, the simowner cutted down the prim allowances for every parcel at Ruwart, which affects not only Lionheart, but also as well […]

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